Ebay selling fees - advice selling on ebay - ebay selling service

A simple, minimum effort, no hassle ebay selling service is available to homeowners
in Cirencester, Tetbury, Northleach Stow, Lechlade and surrounding villages.

Please contact  Wynne Jones  01285 640770   info@helpfulandhandy.co.uk

No need to measure & weigh items                                    -   2 minutes.
No need to take digital photos (& crop to size)                 -   5 minutes.
No need to enter the selling details on ebay                      - 10 minutes.
No need to monitor emails & answer queries                    -   5 minutes.
No need to pack sold items and take to post office          - 15 minutes or wait for a buyer to pick up an                                                                                                                           item, only for them not to turn up.
No need to complete ebay admin & feedback                    -   4 minutes.

Items with no discernible description (such as furniture, nic-nacs)/items expected to reach an auction price of £15 or more, would benefit from the provision of a description using the 'selling' form above.

For 'household clearance' / a large volume of 'low value' items to be disposed of , there is no need for customers to itemise, to minimise the hassle.
Items will be catologued, sold as individual items or lots and a breakdown provided for all items provided to the customer at the end of the process, with payment.

Delivery / Collection / Storage of items to be sold 

Goods will be stored at Cirencester Self Storage and despatched to the new owners, following the ebay auction.  Items will be relisted on ebay at a lower price, if they fail to sell in the first 10 day auction.

Goods with a total value of less than £100 may be delivered
to Wynne at home or at Cirencester Self Storage - for a batch of items with a value of £100+, I can collect from the owners home.

For heavy / large items, providing a customer is willing to allow collection from their home by the eventual purchaser, these may remain in situ - I would need to visit to take digital photos for display on the ebay listing. Customers will be advised if customers are to pay by cash on collection or when the paypal/cheque payment has cleared and the item may be collected by the purchaser.

Any items with a value of £350 would attract more beneficial terms - the customer retains 80% of the sale value of the item.

Ebay selling fees - advice selling on ebay - ebay selling service